Supporting your vision of business growth

IEP are trusted to support systems where security requirements are of the highest levels. Our team of developers and consultants are experienced working in sensitive environments where discretion and security of information is a priority.


Essential to developing a successful enduring collaboration environment is quality and relevance of services and the way in which users interact with them.

IEP believe in giving customers choices. We let you choose the specific scope of enterprise software functionality you select – be that a full Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) suite, Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) that integrates with an existing ERP or some other software footprint that meets your needs.

We also give you a full array of choices in how you purchase and deploy your software – including perpetual license or subscription and provisioning on premise, in a managed service environment or as part of a private cloud or multi-tenant environment.

IEP will help you keep up with the pace of change – most Organisations and SME’s are experiencing a period of rapid change and digital transformation and this is only expected to accelerate. Streamlining workflows, optimising processes and driving new efficiencies will be harder for organisations clinging to aging IT infrastructure – or using software not equipped to use emerging technologies.

Our ERP cloud applications will enhance service, reduce infrastructure complexity and decrease risk and cost. Whether through managed cloud with a single tenancy or a pure SaaS solution, picking the right cloud-based applications can provide the ability to gather and share data enterprise-wide, putting the right intelligence in the right hands, whenever it is needed.

With IEP you can delegate responsibility for adding new functionality, upscaling or downscaling capacity, and providing real-time access to business data and provision of new capabilities.

Onboarding – our onboarding process ensures personalised configuration and user-based training on how to get the best from our software.

Support – Our UK based support team are always on hand to solve issues and offer help and advice via phone and email support. We also include a chat help function if you prefer.